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CNN Center

Exterior Renovation of the CNN building, Atlanta. The final phase of the roof replacement project for the CNN Center in Atlanta, Georgia included all roofing materials, old and new to be hoisted 50 feet from one level to another. All debris was lowered and moved over the pedestrian bridge to a buck hoist and down to the lower parking deck. A very labor intensive job with safety being the highest concern.

CNN Center, Atlanta

St. John the Baptist Cathedral

The Cathedral of St. John the Baptist was completed in late 1899 and remains one of the largest church buildings in the South. A major renovation was conducted in the last several years. Metalcrafts, Inc. played a huge role in the renovation of this historic building by replacing the black slate roof of the cathedral.

Spires of St. John the Baptist Cathedral

R & D Lab, Rayonier

At Rayonier Lab, a Paper Mill located in Jessup, Georgia, constructing the metal roof was a complicated geometric task. A custom made circular, tapered frame needed to be created in order to perfectly conform to the radius of the roof. This way the metal would line up and form perfectly into a semi-circular pattern. You can see below the impressive roof line created for Rayonier by Metalcrafts, Inc.

Rayonier Lab

St. Paul's Greek Orthodox Church

St. Paul's Greek Orthodox Church, located in downtown Savannah, Georgia near historic Forsyth Park, was a large undertaking because it required the entire building to be scaffolded.

St. Paul's


Macon Post Office

Located in Macon Georgia, the Historic Post Office presented the dilema of limited access and concern for the customer's and employee's safety. A 100 ton crane was required to off-load the existing roof and lift the new roofing materials to the upper roof.

Macon Post Office

Juliette Gordon Low

The Juliette Gordon Low Birthplace is located at 10 E Oglethorpe Avenue, Historic Downtown Savannah, Georgia. Juliette Gordon Low was the founder of the Girl Scouts of America.

The Gordon Low home required a full abatement of the lead painted metal roof that existed on the structure. It was replaced with a Terne Coated stainless steel roof.

Abatement of Lead Paint

Daufuskie Island

Daufuskie Island is located off the coast of South Carolina, between Hilton Head and Savannah. This residential job presented the added difficulty of being on an island. All items required for the construction had to be brought to the site by a ferry barge. The roof was created using an "oxidized copper acid bath" to patina the copper. Patinas can be used to "antique" objects, as a part of the design or decor.

Copper Roof Detail